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What to do if you get Physically or Verbally Abused by an Officer…


What is physical abuse by an officer?

If an officer slaps, kicks, punches, choke holds, beats, uses his flashlight or nightstick to hit you,  puts on the handcuffs too tight  or fires a weapon at you…that is considered physical abuse.

Any name calling or use of racial slurs is considered verbal abuse.

The best way to avoid being abused is to not provoke the officer while having a discussion. Showing off in front of your friends will only get you arrested and possibly injured or even killed. Comply first, then seek an explanation from the officer or supervisor later.

1. Always note the name of the officer.

2. Report cases of abuse immediately following your release from police custody.

3. Record, document, and describe any case of officer misconduct, preferably in a typewritten statement.

4. Notarize your summary within three days of the incident.

It can be very intimidating to report an officer’s misconduct. When my son was abused,  we were told we had to go down to the station to file the complaint. I knew that I had to accompany my son. I felt very intimidated sitting there waiting to report an officer’s misconduct to another officer…..even if he is a supervisor. I can imagine this would not be a good experience for the person that was wronged.  However,  if the cases are not reported the abuse will continue. Understand that no matter what you did, police officers should always protect the citizens, not abuse them.